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- 2009 All Truck Nationals - Carlisle, PA -

"2011 BYOB Fall Cruise"

   No, that's Bring Your Own Bronco... and what a Cruise it was. The BYOB Northeast Group celebrated it's 5th Annual Fall Cruise beginning at "Lamoureux Ford" in East Brookfield, MA and cruised through some beautiful Fall Foliage back roads. They made a stop in "Princeton Center" for a group photo shoot and then cruised on to "Eight Point Sportsmens' Club" for an afternoon barbecue. What a feed too... Sean Gaudette fired up the Smoker and cooked some delicious Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket and Barbecued Pork. They were served with scalloped potatoes, baked beans, pumpkin bread and... well, isn't that enough?

    As Non-Bronco invitees, my wife and I really had a great time and would like sincerely thank BYOB for their hospitality and camaraderie!

On the Terrace at Lamoureux Ford!

Lamoureux was so pleased with the event, BYOB was invited back for 2012!

Sean G's Rock Crawlin' Beast

Thom Carr's maroon machine...

Greg Baldwin's Bronco sits on 38's!

Jim Basal's really clean Pre-Runner style Bronco... remember Parnelli Jones?

Beautiful "Flame Job" on Brian Halgren's Bronco...

...even the Tailgate was "Flamed"!

Another view showing even more Broncos on Lamoureux's side lot.

An "Old Classic" with a much more modern wheel treatment!

Non-Bronco invitees (l to r) anonymous Jeep Wrangler, Jim D's F250 Super Duty Diesel and Jerry T's F350 Super Duty Diesel Dually!

The entire gang stops for a Photo Shoot in Princeton Center!

Beautiful hillside display in Princeton Center.

A shot of the field from the steps of Princeton Town Hall...

Looking out over the landscape from Princeton Center.

That's Princeton Town Hall on the left and the Library on the right.

Brian's Bronco in the foreground and a bunch more Broncos behind him...

Looking down through the trees from the upper Library Lot.

Lots of clouds but still, a beautiful fall day...

Lots of people taking pictures of these beautiful machines.

All Lined up at "Eight Point Sportsmen's Club for the Cookout!

Sean's beast again...

A Clean Black Beauty...

Another nice piece of work...

Greg Baldwin's unit peers from behind.

Now, as for FOOD...

...Need I say More?

 That's Sean's Specialty... and it was Delicious!

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- 2009 All Truck Nationals - Carlisle, PA -

   We recently had the good fortune of attending the 2009 All Truck Nationals in Carlsile, PA. My wife and I towed my friend Aaron's Bagged 1990 Ranger down to PA for the show. I have never seen so many trucks in one place! Big trucks, little trucks, dropped trucks, lifted trucks, antique trucks... all shapes and sizes. It was an amazing experience and the folks at Carlisle Events put on a great show.

   We registered with Mid-Atlantic Ford Trucks from the Ford-Trucks.com web site and got to meet a great group of folks. Boy do they no how to party! They had a twin tank smoker grill trailer and they were cooking, it seemed like, all weekend! There were activities for all ages, a couple of Monster Trucks and the fire breathing, car eating "Megasaurus!" We all had a blast and got to see some incredible workmanship.
   I took lots of pictures and you'll see a sampling of them below. Next year's event will be held August 6-8th - give it a shot... it's worth the trip. Here's a link to their site:



The "Carlisle or Bust" train - ready to rock!

FTE - Mid-Atlantic Ford Trucks Headquarters

Peter and the "Double Barreled Food Factory"

My wife Patti talking to Christine and Aaron in Aaron's "Bagged" Ranger.

The "Ranger Power Sports" contingent...

On "FTE Hill" overlooking nearly 4000 trucks!

Yes, that says "Ranger XLT" - when Ranger's were full-sized.

Reminds me of Trey's (SharperTouch) Ranger out of NJ!

Can you spell T-A-L-L?

Please Honey, can I do that to mine?

Really nice full sized Bronco.

Another nice vintage F250...

The FORD Powerstroke folks hauled their trailer in with this beauty.

Uummm... what can I say?

Vintage "Parnelli Jones" style Bronco.

Big Red!

The traditional Carlisle High/Low picture!

Another view of High/Low...

"Bad News"... one of the two Monster Trucks in attendance.

"Gettin' Air"... and that ain't no motocross bike!

Customs inside the Gallery...

Customs inside the Gallery...

Customs inside the Gallery...

Customs inside the Gallery...

Real Rock Crawlin'...

...talk about articulation?

Oh Oh... not that - please go back the other way? (BTW, it did)

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- Early Ford V8 Club of New England -

 - Swap Meet & Car Show -

Yeah, I know it's not a truck... but look at that stance!

This thing was pristine...

When was the last time you saw Nerf Bars?

Super clean early F100...

I saw the hooks and had to look underneath... yep, it's 4X4!


Who said Ford didn't make a Harley Edition way back then?

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Thanks to the Early Ford V8 Club of New England for putting on a great show/swap meet. Keep them on your calendars for next year, it's one hell of a show!

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